Lifetime Guarantee

Nobody wants to take a risk and purchase something online that they aren't sure will last the test of time. At King and Queen we pride ourselves on using the best quality materials for all pieces of our jewellery collection. Because of this, we are happy to commit to a lifetime guarantee on every piece.

In the extremely unlikely event that any of the following occurs then please contact us immediately to resolve your issue:

  • Any tarnishing on the jewellery, that hasn't been caused by an accident where something has leaked on the jewellery piece.

  • All pieces are heat proof, sweat proof and water proof so are made to with stand these environments for extended periods. If your jewellery is affected by any of these things, please contact us immediately and we will resolve it within 24 hours. 

If you have any queries, or need to discuss an open issue with us, please contact us on Please remember to quote your order reference so it is easy for us to find your details quickly.